Elope in Virginia


A celebration of love doesn't need to be 200+ guests. The shared memories are made even more meaningful with just the two of you.

During these unprecedented times, many couples are choosing to carry out wedding plans on a much smaller scale.


Whether you decide to scale back the guest list or choose an epic location where it's just the two of you exchanging your vows, it will still be a very special day to remember. 


A few good reasons for choosing to elope or have a small wedding:

  • Less stress

  • More meaningful

  • You can travel to some pretty cool spots when it's just the two of you or a small number of guests involved.

  • Travel is good for the soul.

  • The ability to just enjoy yourselves, instead of worry about everyone else.



Let's Plan Your Elopement or Small Wedding!

Thank you for your inquiry.

Beautiful Locations and/or Ideas To Consider:

  • Shenandoah National Park

  • Skyline Drive

  • Virginia Arboretum, Blandy

  • Historic Rosemont Manor, Berryville

  • Mortgage Hall Estate, Middleburg

  • Checking Out an Airbnb

  • Your own backyard

  • Vineyard

  • Your favorite park 

Wedding Albums + Prints


I wholeheartedly believe in bringing your images to life by print. To hold an image or album in your hands is very different from scrolling through images on a phone or desktop computer. This is why a memory album can be added to each wedding collection I offer. 

I remember going through my parents' albums as a kid, flipping through each page, and just loving the experience! The joy in viewing photos of my parents in their younger days, after marriage, the cars they drove, their first house, and so on. I've always enjoyed going through albums and still do to this day. It's a great way to keep memories fresh and readily available for sharing with others. It promotes conversation and connection.

Because the story isn't finished being told when the last dance has ended. Creating an album completes the experience of your special day and creates a legacy that will be enjoyed for many generations to come within your family.

Together, we work hand-in-hand, in creating an heirloom piece you will cherish. 

Photo albums are a flat-lay style and sustainably created, through Kiss Books.