It was a hot one!

May 21, 2022 was the date chosen by Alyssa and Ian- a day that would be remembered for the heat (it was pretty brutal), heirloom details, and the family and friends that came together to make this day one to remember.

Alyssa and I met a few years prior, while I was photographing her best friend's wedding in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and it was an honor that she chose me to be the photographer for her wedding, based on that interaction.

When we first started talking about the vision she had for her wedding day, she mentioned that she would be doing the catering, AND that she knew she wanted lots of twinkling lights. A lot of twinkling lights. I get it... I'm a sucker for some cafe and/or string lights- it just adds an ambiance that cannot be beat. I completely understood, and needed no more explanation.

But there were so many wonderful elements that made this wedding day truly theirs- the bride's sister did the makeup, the wedding was held at the groom's mother's home, many well behaved fur-babies, an heirloom cake topper (my favorite), a family friend officiating, bedazzled Vans slip-ons, a truly unique bouquet, custom socks (worn by the groom) showing off the couples' dog Lydia, and a precious gift for the bride's father that brought tears from many eyes... just to name a few.

And when I say it was hot- it was a very steamy day! But Alyssa and Ian kept composure, wiped the sweat away when necessary, and carried on, because nothing was going to stop this celebration from happening.